The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which started 2 days ago (August 5) is a 25 days long performing arts fest held annually during the month of August in Edinburgh. Also known as The Fringe (Edinburgh Festival 2016), it is the largest arts festival in the world.

Established in 1947 as an alternative to the Edinburgh International festival, it lasted for 25 days in 2015 featuring 50,000+ performances, 3,000+ shows at more than 300 different venues. Here are some of the things that you need to know about The Fringe –

THE FESTIVAL at a glance
The Fringe is an open access or unjuried performing arts festival. As a result, there is no concept of a selection committee and anyone may participate with whatever they may please to perform. The Fringe often acts as a stage where people can showcase controversial or challenging works that often are not permitted in conventional or conservative festivals.

Festival Fringe Society supports the Fringe Festival. It publishes the schedule, sells tickets and offers year long advice to the performers. All these aspects are managed by the means of a website. Their permanent location is the Fringe Shop at Royal Mile.
The organizers and directors of the festival are drawn from the members of the Festival Fringe Society and are more often than not participants themselves.

VENUES of Edinburgh Festival 2016

The Fringe venues are spread out in the entire Edinburgh and any viable space is utilized as a venue. The venues vary from the Bedlam Theater to Assembly Rooms. These venues are either paid or are free and the performers choose them according to their pocket.
Some of these venues are independent and at times host only one show and that too for a limited period of time.

SHOWS at Edinburgh Festival 2016
Edinburgh Festival 2016 Updates
The Fringe has hosted a variety of original as well as acclaimed shows. The shows are divided into a number of categories like theater, comedy, dance, musicals etc. Comedy is the largest section and has launched a huge number of people into stardom over the years with the most notable one being Rowan Atkinson of Mr. Bean fame.
Some of the famous shows it has hosted are 12 Angry Men, The Odd Couple etc.

COST OF Tickets
The ticket prices for the audience vary from £5 to £20 for the paid shows. There are two models involved for both free as well as paid show – “Pay What You Can” and “Pay What You Want” Both of them are useful for getting tickets as well as helping out the performers.

If you are planning on performing at The Fringe, it s going to make a dent in your pocket as the registration fee is around £300 and the cost of hiring a venue starts at around £800. However at the end of the day you are most likely to make the money you invested along with a decent profit.

However these growing costs have led to people performing at the fringes of The Fringe,Edinburgh Festival 2016.

This concept of fringe performers performing together at a festival has led to the formation of many more such festivals around the world. The most famous of these rip offs are the Adelaide Fringe Festival, National Arts festival in Grahamstown, South Africa and Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

So if you are planning on going to Edinburgh before the 29th of August or if you are already there, do go to The Fringe (from 5th August till 29th August), you are not going to regret it and might get a chance to meet current or future household names in the world of television. Additionally, you have to the prospect of learning about a different culture and meeting with close to 3 million people.

Do give The Fringe a shot!