iPhone 5s, is considered to carry with it maximum change when it comes to Apple upgradations. None of the customers or critics were disappointed with the release of iPhone 5s on 10th September, 2013, as we all know Apple always releases their new series in this month (there goes another fact!). iphone -5s-aperture-games

iPhone 5s runs on iOS 7 platform with increasingly high performance chipset and their prized and valued top class features. We all got to admit that the features of an iPhone are way better than any smartphone in the vicinity. This gives validation to all the hype and anxiety surrounding the world of iPhone. We are here to make sure that in this article you read everything you need to know about the iPhone 5s.

Let’s begin with a little history, iPhone 5s is the 7th generation iPhone that runs on iOS 7 platform. It comes in various colors, with the gold coated included in this series, apart from this unique inclusion, the series also comes in space gray and silver. iPhones have never experimented with black, but who knows what the future holds.

Now, let’s move on to the fact that makes iPhone 5s unique. It is powered by a 64 bit Apple A7 chipset. You must be wondering now, what is so unique about it? Let me break it down for you. The A7 chipset has a 13 GHz dual core system Cyclone processor, which is topped by an ARM version 8, this means that it has a super speed performance processor. You can expect fast streaming of videos and games. A7 comes with a companion called the M7. The M7 has a different set of functionality and it controls the usability of apps running in the background and checks their active status to make it power efficient.

The birth of fingerprint security. Yes, you will be amazed by this feature. This is the highest level of security that can be offered by any smartphone company. iPhone 5s has a Touch ID fingerprint identity that detects your finger and stores an HD image in its processor along with a binary logic. Whenever you press your finger on the screen, it will match with the image in its database and allow you to use. This feature has proved to be a bit risky as it depends on the speed of the server.

Camera is better than ever before. With the iSight and FaceTime feature, you can be assured ultimate picture quality experience. There are many advantages, but just to state a few it has better resolution, balance and exposure. The rear 8 MP camera can ensure you sharp and better quality pictures. It works fabulously well in low light conditions and produces distortion-less pictures.

The bandwidth and reception has been dynamically improved in iPhone 5s. It supports 4G LTE and WiFi that is designed to incorporate a wide range of bands.

However, there is a downside to everything. The same goes with iPhone 5s. A lot of smartphone companies have come up with larger screens so a few customers have complained about the 4 inch screen being too small. The iPhone series is known to increase its cost with the storage capacity, therefore, a lot of users find it unnecessary and highly inappropriate to pay the huge amount. The battery life of iPhone 5s has continued to garner complains even though Apple with its A7 chipset made a good attempt on solving it. The GPS reliability and connectivity has turned out to be a problem with iPhone 5s because Google Maps hang occasionally and the information is seldom wrong. Some apps dealing with communication like Skype have audio distortion, and the ease of performance is hampered.

We hope we were able to cover every detail that is important and one should know about iPhone 5s. If you think, we have missed on a vital point, feel free to leave a comment for us below.