The  iPhone fanatics all over the world are eagerly waiting for the launch of iPhone 7. Big talk of the town regarding the much-awaited release of iPhone 7. A lot of questions and speculations hovering around the fact that will  iPhone 7 be any different from the iPhone 6s. We can conclude that Apple will be taking measures to solve all the glitches that were faced in iPhone 6s. However, according to rumors the iPhone 7 isn’t very different from iPhone 6s except for a few features here and there. iphone-7-vs-iphone-6s

The display is similar for both iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s. iPhone 7 hasn’t adopted any new changes in its display as it comes with a 4.7 inch display with the ion strengthened glass and oleophobic coating for protection. This was a small change seen in iPhones, since they ditched their 4 inch screen.

There are rumors regarding the expansion of memory storage for both, phone memory and internal memory. Every Apple product has 2 GB internal RAM capacity, except for iPad Air Pro which has 3 GB internal RAM. iPhone 7 is expected to have a 3 GB internal RAM along with phone memory up to 256 GB with a whopping price of around 1299 USD unlike iPhone 6s, which has a phone memory up to 128 GB. Do not worry if your requirements are less as the iPhone 7 will also be released in 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB and 128 GB.

You must have probably noticed the antenna band in the back of iPhones as this feature usually sets apart any iPhone. In iPhone 7, the Apple makers are giving it a miss, which means you can expect a sleeker back design that’ll make the phone look slimmer and super savvy. There is an unconfirmed news about the smart connector. Some tech analysts and experts have confirmed the presence of smart connectors for connecting smart keyboards and charging docks while some have confirmed that it is just a rumor. This is a feature of iPad and isn’t experimented in any iPhone yet.

Some experts believe that the iPhone 7 will exclude the 3.5mm jack of headphone to make the phone look slimmer and sleek while some believe that it is a difficult change. Apple manufactures have tried incorporating the Lightning Pod for charging the yet to be launched iPhone 7 and also special Bluetooth connectivity Earpods. The Lightning Pod and Earpod will be smart, connected and will cut down the space for 3.5mm jack.

The phone is expected to be dual SIM unlike the iPhone 6s with nano slots. The camera has been upgraded and there are confirmed rumors regarding the dual tone flash camera. We all know that the iPhone camera is 12 MP and it won’t be a surprise that they have maintained the same 12 MP, but the shocking element is that it comes with a dual tone camera, which means that there will be two 12 MP camera in the back. So you can expect a wider range of angle and high definition shots.

They have upgraded the stereos as well, iPhone 7 comes with four stereos, two on top and bottom each, therefore, enjoy an amazing audio experience. One major change that can leave you amazed is the replacement of the home button. To increase the screen space, the design team has been planned to drop the idea of a home button and produce a full touch screen.

It has a longer battery life than the iPhone 6s. iPhone 7 has been claimed to solve the biggest 6s problem which was of battery life. The iPhone 7 also comes with an A10 chipset, which is a high performance chipset in comparison to A9, you can be assured of relief from poor battery performance.