Torrentz, a Meta torrent search engine recently came to a close under unknown circumstances. The exit of Torrentz from the scene has certainly created quite an impact and that too after the shutdown of KickAss Torrents. There is no denying the fact that such peer to peer services have been one of the root causes of piracy all over the world. But the steps taken by the United States Government to shut down a major torrent site like KickAss is commendable. Some people are already considering that owing to the shutdown of KickAss torrents, Torrentz might as well have decided to call it a day.

Torrentz, largest torrent meta search engine bids farewell

But now the question lies, where the users will go who have been using sites like KickAss and Torrentz for years now? The best answer will be either The Pirate Bay or Extra Torrents. They are the two big players of peer to peer services left in the market. Well, this would mean improved business for them, but there lies a considerable amount of doubt. What if these two sites are probably planning to shut down operations after what happened with KickAss and Torrentz.

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Well, this could mean two things. Firstly, this might just be the start of the end of the torrent system. If that is the case, then many people would actually have to go up to the theatres to watch movies, or subscribe to HBO for their favourite TV series. On the other hand, the shutdown of KickAss and Torrentz might just boost the market for other torrent sites. We might just come across a new torrent site providing its users everything at one click. There is no denying the fact that these torrent sites have harboured piracy and the porn industry for year now, but probably the time has come for a change.