Bethesda Soft works and ID software recently launched the fourth title of the famous science fiction- horror first person shooter DOOM. This was the reboot of Doom series and it was launched in May 2016 in PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions. This game was loved by the public and got good critical reviews as well.

It was an all out action packed game. On 5 August 2016, the developers launched its first DLC Multiplayer. The name of the new DLC is Unto The Evil. Let’s discuss how it is.

Features of Doom Multiplayer DLC

New Maps-

There are three new multiplayer maps to play and enjoy. These are Offering, Cataclysm and Ritual. The Offering map is a hell level, Cataclysm is a mash up or mixture of hell and scientific lab levels, while Ritual map is a kind of industrialized sacrifice altar respectively.

New Weapons And Equipments-

The new DLC includes UAC EMG Pistol which is a fun to play with and many modifications can be done with it. The new gear will also include a kinetic mine. Kinetic mine leaps into your target and explodes when the target is nearby it. There are some new armors and taunts as well.

Other Exciting Features-

On the demonic front you can play as a harvester as well. This is a addition to the Revenant demon. It gives you another playable character. New hack modules are also available in this new DLC. There are new game modes as well, such as Exodus and Sector. In Exodus mode is a one-flag capture the flag mode while Sector is a multi zone capture mode.

The developers have defined these modes as a ‘’Unique Doom experience’’ and the public is also enjoying it. The DLC also introduces the Party Play system which allows a gamer to party up with a friend who owns the DLC and play as many as new maps he wants to play. There are new props, hell levels as well. The Snap Map hub is also updated.

Final Thoughts –

The new DLC has just released and many gamers have downloaded it. People are enjoying it and the new maps are fun. The new DLC has made the game more dynamic.

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