Finally Russia has reportedly considered giving Edward Snowden to the United States in an achievement directed toward “curry favour” with the latest US president Donald Trump. Vladimir Putin takes into account to handing over Snowden to Donald Trump. Mr. Snowden has stained the national Security Agency leaker and a betrayer. The man is also called for the execution for his activity in the past.

The Intelligence Service of the United States already has intercepted record of extreme-level discussion inside the Government of Russia over the dynamic advantages for the country’s capital Moscow for passing Snowden back to face a trial to the United States.

The spies of America have reportedly confirmed also the segments of unstable information about Donald Trump assembled by a MI6 former agent.

Although the US operatives till not have verified the indecent details more in the case. But, it is confirmed that some segments have been raised to be perfect may build up the credibility overall, according to the report of the CNN.

It is the belief that Vladimir Putin could utilize Mr. Snowden as a profitable chip which can be bargain well. Mr. Snowden is the chip that has been broadcasting since the surprise election winning of Mr. Trump in the last November.

Some authorities of Putin Government think that handing over Mr. Snowden to the United States as “a gift” would develop the Standing of Kremlin with the current US president. They also think that transferring of Snowden helps Russia to achieve the international policy goals again.