For all the Android users, at one point of time or the other, you get bored of the monotony of your Android interface. There are several custom launchers available on the Play Store, which allows you to enjoy the improved interface without getting your hands dirty by rooting your phone to replace the default launcher. the-best-android-launcher

Some launchers on the Play Store really slows down your phone which is why we have made your toughest search easier by picking the best top 10 launchers which will fit in all aspects for your device.

Nova Launcher

When it comes to alternative launchers, this stands on top like a king by being the smoothest and highly sought after launcher with an impressive 4.6 star rating out of 5 in the Play Store. 50 million downloads certainly will draw you quite a picture of this pure AOSP style launcher; this consumes only around 15 MB of RAM. It also offers many customization icon packs.

Download Nova Launcher from Google Play Store

Solo Launcher

Oh, this may fall behind by 0.1 point in the rating compared to the first one, but a 100 million Android users have downloaded which makes it even more fit for being one among the top 10. This custom launcher is highly customizable with many attractive themes, Quick gestures, App locker and smart widgets. It also has a one tap cache cleaner, battery saver and memory optimizer.

Download Solo Launcher from Google Play Store

Apex Launcher

It is also a AOSP type launcher with 500 million downloads and 4.3 user ratings in the Play Store. It is very light in size compared to other launchers on the top. It offers you to customize each and every component in your home screen. Otherwise, pretty much offers the same features as every other launcher does.

Download Apex Laucher from Google Play Store

Action Launcher 3

In terms of design, this launcher tops the list because of the perfect materialized design. It allows you to navigate through your apps quickly from your homescreen. You can also use unique features like QuickTheme, Shutter & Covers and customize the look of the chosen layout. Does a pretty good job in performance as well as customization.

Download Action Laucher 3 from Google Play Store

Arrow Launcher

It is hard to believe that a Windows OS based organization has built a well-customized Android launcher. Yes, this one is by Microsoft, built in just smaller size of 3MB. It comes with some pure HD wallpapers, Not very impressive in customization features when compared to others, but it is similar to Android M’s first build.

Download Arrow Laucher from Google Play Store

Buzz Launcher

This launcher is very famous because of the options of themes it has to offer. It has around 800,000+ themes and over 500 million users, download with 4.4 user ratings. It takes your Android device to a whole new level with its ad-free custom launcher options which makes it a must try one.

Download Buzz Laucher from Google Play Store


Launcher, HD Wallpaper: This launcher is also known to be famous for all the lazy android users out there because it allows you to customize in just one click. With all other options it offers is same as other launchers, but users don’t recommend it for slow devices.

Download Themer from Google Play Store

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

This is more like an organizable launcher that will make your day easy. You can check the traffic conditions on the go, read newspaper, view your agenda for the day, pull all the music and photo apps. It also provides you with best battery saver and optimizer.

Download Yahoo Aviate Launcher from Google Play Store

Google Now Launcher

Google everywhere. A Google search on your Home screen, doesn’t provide many options for customization and also supports the devices running on Android 4.1 and later. If you want greater flexibility and speed, we suggest you to download this.

Download Google Now Launcher from Google Play Store

Go Launcher EX

This is the stylish, slim and the best alternative launcher for your Android device. It has 4.5 user ratings and 500 million downloads in the Play Store offering Memory Optimizer, 1 tap battery saver and cache cleaner. The application management is also quite good with Hide and Lock apps option.

Download Go Launcher Ex from Google Play Store

We know you might be confused now as to which launcher you should choose, and we prefer you to try starting with Action Launcher which has a clean design. Wouldn’t hurt much to try all the free versions until you catch hold of something you feel comfortable to operate your device with, right?