Due to the lack of lethal injections, many of the American states are willing to bring back the previous violating methods of killing the convicted people. In this row, Oklahoma is ready to reintroduce the gas chamber; Utah had plans to reintroduce the firing team, while Tennessee is planning for its electric chair to have a comeback. Meanwhile, in the state of Mississippi, the lawmakers are debating to reintroduce one of the three mentioned methods of killing the death sentenced convicts. Like the firing team, the electric chair, or the gas chambers as the potent execution method other than the lethal injections.

According to Mississippi Legislator Andy Gipson thought: “I am introducing the House Bill 638 in reply to the proceedings filed by ‘so called liberal and left-wing radicals’ by stimulating the usage of the lethal injection medications as harsh and rarepenalty.”

Mississippi has last carried execution in 2012, and since then it couldn’t be able to get any of the lethally inject drugs due to the colossal production shortage. As per many reports, there are 47 people are on the death row, and due to the absence of the drug, they are living a life in the cell, and even some are even in there for times.

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Gipson also said, there is a family whose daughter is being killed and raped by the serial killer over twenty years ago, but due to the absence of a proper killing method, and the convict is still waiting for his death consequence, the government should take a step to prevent these things.