bragging in online dating
A new study has revealed that boasting about one self or bragging in Online Dating is a huge turn off for your opposite one. “An idealized self of the real me? Predicting attraction to online dating profiles using selective self-presentation and warranting”, a study by Crystal D. Wotipka & Andrew C. High states that if you are bragging about yourself chances are that you are building a wall around yourself. Excessive self-praise can be a part of your profile description or the conversation you are having with the other person.

“Successful relationships, both face-to-face and online, hinge on positive first impressions.” Said, Wotipka and High in their report.

The study was mainly focused on two aspects of Online Dating: Selective-self presentation (SSP) and Warranting.SSP is the way people present themselves in their profiles and convey the flattering information about themselves to impress others. While warranting is a way to authenticate their profile by linking Professional or Social accounts like LinkedIn or Snapchat.

The Bragging in Online Dating Experiment

The study conducted a research on 316 online users. These users were shown different levels (high and low) of profiles in regards of SSP and Warranting. When asked about their opinions, profiles which seemed boastful about the looks and other traits were less impressive and less attractive. These profiles’ users were also perceived as arrogant which is a trait of rudeness and hence were socially less acceptable. Trust factor also seemed to be lacking for such profiles.

On the other hand, a warranting factor on a profile like linking any social account created a trustworthy impression. These profiles were perceived as more attractive but only when bragged less.

How to date online the right way?
A blend of low selective-self presentation and high warranting were considered as more genuine and humble and easy to approach. This increased the chances of getting an online date in a big way. Most singles on Tinder try to do this by being extra cheesy and innovative. But the key is to be yourself and try to make your date comfortable. The other person is also looking for an ideal partner so to speak. Be it any online forum or a girl you like on Facebook, be courteous and friendly., one of the most popular online platform reveals over 40 million Americans use online dating service. So if you keep the balance in these two traits: selective-self presentation and Warranting, you are more likely to land an online date compared to others.

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