Bafta John Carmack VR
John Carmack the CTO of Oculus at Facebook Inc, predicts that in 2017 VR gaming titles will be all the rage and among the winners of Bafta Games Awards. Fallout’s latest title has won the best game title in 2016 and John Carmack was there to comment on the on-going progress of VR in gaming. The creator of Doom, the super-popular game is honoured with highest Bafta title as he received the Bafta fellowship. Remember the prodigy who brought 3D graphics in gaming and changed the entire gaming scene. The first-person shooters from John Carmack are legendary in the gaming world. He says that more than 50% of VR work is ging to revolutionise the gaming sector. The way we see and play games with Oculus will achieve new heights.

On this happy occasion, John said, “Receiving a BAFTA Fellowship is a great honour. Over the course of my career, I’ve remained passionate about the potential for engineering and technology improvements to expand the range of human creativity. Graphics, networking, extendable platforms, and now virtual reality; each has enabled magnificent new things that delight millions of people. I am as excited about the future today as I was when I started.”

At the Tobacco Dock in London, this ceremony was held and a lot of Britishers won many big honors. We hope Carmack’s genius continues to create masterpieces like Doom, Quake and other stuff on the side he is doing with rockets. It has been long that his achievements in the 90s are little unknown to the new geenration. We hope as Oculus Rift, Division head he can bring some innovation with all the dollars he is getting from Mark Zuckerberg to spend. He also commented that in 2017 Bafta Awards a lot of VR titles will be on top.

On his new role after id Software the company he co-founded, he said regarding virtual reality headsets that ,“I don’t like to romanticise the past. I’m more excited about the opportunities available now than anything there’s ever been before. Thanks for this award, but I’m just getting started.”

We hope great things come from him with Bafta Games Fellowship 2016.