On Wednesday, January 18, 2017 President elect Donald Trump says that he has not been given the credit of announcing the job creations of various US and foreign companies by NBC news. According to Trump big companies including Ford, Lockheed, G.M. and others are ready to come back to US because of him.

He also says that NBC news is delivering a fake news that there is no doubt that these companies are returning back to US and is implementing new ways to provide employment to our people, but with this matter Donald Trump has no such connections. It is not because of him that these companies are returning back.

Trump even tweets that if anyone has doubt they can contact to the top CEO’s of these companies and come to know the real fact. In response to this NBC weaves a story that these companies don’t want to be next twitter outburst. To avoid this they are introducing the same old plans with repackaged new one.

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However while campaigning at the election Trump made great promises to build the strong base for manufacturing sector and providing job on numerous scale. Whatever the announcement is old or new, it is sure to change the economy of United States of America. Since from the time of winning the election, Trump has constantly admired and praised the car companies and for the announcements of new investments and plans in US economy. Even NBC news has not commented yet on Trump’s post.