Facebook has not only been a platform to have fun but criminals are also using it to make their plan a bit stronger. The recent news has surprised where a man killed her wife and updated her account mentioning on the behalf of his wife “my phone has slipped in the toiled and that is why do not worry if you do not find me over phone.”

This crime took place in Florida. The couple has two kids. What was the reason behind killing that woman is not stilled. Police arrested the accused and interrogation is still going on.

According to police, he killed her wife and used her Facebook to cover up his crime. He wanted to make the acquaintances feel that lady was still alive but not taking her phone as it was slipped somehow in toiled. The accused is of 42 years namely George Joseph McShane and has two kids from his marriage.

He was trying to kill himself but police arrested him before he could do that. The accused was arrested in his garage inside the car. Police also found the body of his wife. The matter came into the light when the mother of two kids stopped giving answer of calls and message suddenly.

Though they found the Facebook post but it seemed them a bit strange. Currently, the accused is behind the bar and investigation is going to dig out the hidden things.