Someone has righty said that if you have true inclination towards life, you can live longer. The current incident happening into a California creek indicates towards it. The duo was on the way to meet their friend but stuck in a frigid weather.

One of them died and one survived almost 12 years and now she is safe. In order to save her life one of them stranded on a tree throughout the night. Though it sounded a tad bizarre but this report is true and indicates that miracles happen.

According to resources, Natalie Griffin, the name of woman found safe, is still recovering and will get well soon. The accident took place at Mendocino Country Highway where Santos, name of the deceased, left dead as she was not able to bear the frigid weather. They were going in their car to visit a friend in Humboldt County.

They got stuck in the middle of the storm and their vehicle slipped since the way was a bit slippery and did not manage to get control. After flipping several times, it collided into an outlet Creek. They somehow managed to come out after kicking out the front windshield. The victim still in shock and does not wish to recall this accident.

She said that she still thinking that it is a kind of nightmare but it is actually reality that she found her friend dead in front of her in the car. She also added that she managed to escape her taking shade of a tree and rest on it until the next morning.