Scientists have found a way out to cut short the life cycles of tempestuous virus by making it affectless and by curbing its harm. To abate the mosquitoes borne diseases in the society all over the world  researchers from John Hopkinson’s University  in US took a step forward to work upon the genetics of mosquitoes virus spread drastically  and creating festering – fatal diseases.

The specific breed Aedis Aegypti is being worked upon and resistance against dengue virus is to be increased and accelerated. When one is attacked by a harmful virus , the virus need to complete its lifecycle to harm the person and manifest its ill effects upon one , but when scientists chalked out a way to abate the completion of lifecycle of the virus in our body… a new hope is visible to save a huge number of precious lives.

This same experiment can be conducted on the very dangerous zika virus and chikungunya virus as well.  The methodology involves Dome and Hop, the two proteins that work in the mosquito’s body when those are infected by the infectious virus. Gallant endeavour is still on to gain complete resistance against dengue virus but a partial or a improved resistance is gained by the research fellow.

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Different mechanisms are being tries out to block the growth and life cycle of the virus so that the spread of the diseases partially abated.  This tropical disease takes away millions of lives every year and hence, this research work is expected to make the situation better.