Facing the stark realities of life… retaining a perfect balance between work load and health is very crucial. Work-out, exercising, gymming, jogging… these are some of the very common activities that we choose to perform for maintenance of our health and to keep up with the orders of the day as well.

Technology though is a boon for communication and enhances the sky-rocketing development of mankind, can have adverse affects while we are working out or on the regular posture balance. Talking on a cell phone or texting over a phone has become a trend but this breeze of modernity lessens our attention, concentration in any sort of work, engagement or involvement.

The balance during work out or the intensity during any other work is drastically affected by calling or texting as it diverts our concentration and is a disruption; does not fit, in the juxta position of the ambience. According to reports prepared by Michael Rebold , the assistant professor at Hiram College in US… talking or texting can have ill effects on the everyday fundamental activities and metabolic functions.

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This proves that multitasking is always not the way out and not always beneficial too. For getting complete results of our routine workouts our smart phones are too abated for a few hours. Whereas, listening to music on our headphones or earphones are having no significant effects on our balance of posture, daily work routine and workouts. This research hopes and endeavours to increase health awareness among the masses.