We have seen Sheryl of Facebook, trying to make amends in the Valley by encouraging more women participation and urging them to balance both home and work with equal zeal. The first ever Facebook Women in Product conference is one of its kind, aimed at all women product managers.

This move is to ensure than females are not sidelined in this male dominated world and all of the Valley’s female product managers can get at one stage to discuss this.

This one day event will be held in Facebook Inc’s Menlo Park Headquarters and all senior product managers from Fortune 500 companies, startups and well established internet companies like Twitter, Facebook are invited.

Women in Product – Why Attend?

Facebook’s Liu is also excited about this event. The conference is called Women in Product and it is happening on September 13. One of the key speakers will be Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO. Tell us what do you think about this amazing event. Are you going to attend it?

What do you think about gender bias at the workplace? Is product management and building a product only a man’s job? Let us debunk this myth once and for all. To all the good things happening in the valley, we salute such initiatives.

Check out Women in Product here.