A man who was charged in the year 1999 for sexual assault along with abduction of a girl from Southern Indiana was rounded up by the local police on this week. Federal authorities reported that the man was lived in Oregon, as well as in Minnesota for a long period after possessing the ID of a victim of a car crash.

At a News conference on Friday, Josh Minkler, the U.S. Attorney told that the man named Charles Hollin, was arrested from Salem, located in Oregon after being identified through a software that recognizes people through facial aspects. Minkler also said that the 61-year-old man was tracked by investigators through his passport photocopy.

More than a single federal charge came on Hollin at a time. The man faces the identity theft charges, as well as escaping prosecution. The allegation came on him that he had been disappeared Jackson County, located in the southern region of Indiana since early 2000 when the prosecutors filed the charges against him for the abduction of a girl who was 10-year-old at that time and sexually assault her as well.

He was charged with abducting the young girl at knifepoint. The girl was detracted from the outside of Seymour girl’s club, in the year 1999.  He took the girl in a lonesome area and over there he molested her and eventually left her at that secluded area naked. The road was hideaway and almost fifty miles southern zone of Indianapolis.

The man would be behind the bars for 50 years after being convicted of the most dangerous charges.