On January 12, Bella Hadid shows how to persuade ex with mind blowing sexy snaps. On Instagram, the Victoria’s Secret model shared her seductive GIF to show The Weeknd what he actually is missing. She flaunted her gorgeous figure wearing a one-piece black colored bathing suit. The pictures came to the social media a day after her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd and Selena Gomez moving on pictures surfaced on instagram.

Late night on Thursday Bella captioned the video wishing Good Night to all where she said she was feeling great to be at home. Her body looked absolutely ultra-hot in the costume but, somehow it is surprising that is she trying to shove someone, her ex, rapper Weeknd? The question buzz around as the rapper and Selena Gomez’s cuddling and kissing pictures posted on social media on 10th of January. The pictures showed that the two were getting cozy outward Giorgio Baldi, Santa Monica.

Literally, it is a shock to Bella that Selena, one of the closest friends of her sister Gigi Hadid, get into a relationship with her ex. She initially told to media that she felt absolutely betrayal by the new relationship status of the singer.

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According to exclusive news, a source told that Bella felt that she has been back stabbed. She did not get yet the reason of flaunting Selena’s relation with The Weeknd. Bella just stay away from it by keeping everything private. She got extremely surprised watching how smoothly and swiftly the rapper has moved on. It really hurts Bella as the relation with The Weekend was over just two months ago.