Charges, court cases, attacks and counter-attacks are the hum-drum phenomenon in the political domain. Law and order is to be well retained in the political as well as business sphere in the first world countries too. In this aspect the United Nations is somewhere having a few loop-holes.

Volkswagen, the company of immense repute where the products and business outcome are sold by just the brand name are also having pit-falls in its strategies’ proper business plan is imperative so that such a large scale business goes on in a very glib manner without harming any individual, organisation or a nation.

Committing wire fraud and violating the clean air act led 6 officers of this reputed organisation feel guilty and unfortunately get arrested. According to the reports one of them was caught in Florida and the remaining 5 are expected to be found in Germany.

The festering charges on the executives for the offensive emission-cheating scandal have been a burning issue these days. These cases being corporate cases are to be handled very sensitively by the administration and the present dispensation is to grope for a very intricate investigation before the final verdict. The final judgement is expected to cause a great turn over in the business sphere of the nation and across the globe as well.

After prima-facie one has been found guilty and is arrested and the rest are to be found yet. This specific incident proves that no matter what repute we carry, law and order is equal for all and beyond any partiality.