Do you want to know about Game of Thrones’s Volunqar Maggy prophecy answer? Ever since Season 5 Episode 1, people are repeatedly searching for Who is the Valonqar? We have put things into perspective and we feel this is the right time to reveal it.

GoT Season 7 is 10 months away and while you are wondering and many are speculating it is to be Jaime, you are WRONG.

Right Answer: Valonqar Maggy Prophecy Revealed

Valonqar Maggy prophecy answer is Tyrion Lannister. Yes, we have significant proofs and research to support this claim, more then the obsessed queen of the Andals, who sat on the throne on the same day her son Tommen committed suicide.

What does Valonqar mean?

Valonqar is a high valyrian word which means little sibling, in Cersei’s case it will be her two brothers, Jaime and Tyrion. Though Jaime and Cersei were twins, but Cersei was born before Jaime. Therefore, people think Jaime will be the valonqar, but no, Jaime will never kill the woman she loves. Tyrion on the other hand is coming from the Narrow sea with Dany and wants to avenge what Cersei has done to her.

valonqar maggy prophecy

Still not convinced? We thought so. Read on.

Cersei Lanniester is now the Queen of the Andals and sits on the Iron Throne firmly. But she is not happy. She has no living children, no husband and no lover even. Jaime hates her, after all she has done to the Sept of Baelor, and finds her responsible for losing Tyrion as well as Tommen. While the former was accused of killing Joffrey and the latter died because of the consequences of Cersei’s actions, Jaime lost everyone who was dear to him. Also he lost his title of Ser, because he was stripped of the Knighthood, and Cersei was involved in the decision. Valonqar Maggy Prophecy thus connects a lot of dots here. You are made believe to think it is Jaime. But we guessed it right. Final points that will convince you for real.

Why we think Tyrion is the Valonqar?

Let us recap a little and learn about the events that Maggy told Cersei about.

– She married the King, The king had 16 children, but Cersei had 3 with her brother Jaime.

– The King Robert died, Her 3 children Joffrey Baratheon, Tommen Baratheon, Myrcella all died too

– She is now Queen and a new and young more beautiful queen is coming to kick her ass [Ready Daenerys]

– Now coming to the Valonqar bit. Tyrion will strangle her with bare hands as Daenerys will take over the throne form her.

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