A 14-year old boy who got injured in a shooting died at the hospital. The deceased is the son of a police officer. The incident took place in Northeast Charlotte. The 14-year old was shot at 10 p.m. when he was on vehicle. He rushed to the hospital. According to the police, he came there along with his family to visit Charlotte.

The police is not clear if the boy was aimed to shot or it was done just for igniting violence in the area. Police Chief also said on this incident that it is a really quite sad news. He added all of them live like brothers and sisters. When something happens like this, it hurts all of us from the bottom of the heart. Our condolences are with the officer who lost his son. It is quite painful.  A facilitator for the STARS program also said that he was an intellectual boy.

He took part in STARS programs that was dedicated to work for the students to build up the leader skills. He also added that he was a great athlete and student. Everyone will miss him a lot. His basketball coach also added that he always had positive attitude and kept a smile on his face all the time.

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He was a kind of individual who used to take care of others than himself. Everyone wishes him to rest in peace. It is quite a sad news and hard to believe. Some of his friends are still not aware of this incident.