A live Facebook video has made a great buzz in which a mentally ill man is being beaten and tied up. This video made all social platforms flooded with great discussion. Though, the four who were shown in this video beating the man were caught and now are in the custody. According to Chicago police, everything was planned since it was a live video to attract a wide attention of the people through the world.

Police also accepted that they came across the incident one day later. The four people shown in the video are black while the mentally ill victim is white. Moreover, police still does not know the exact reason and investigation is going on. In this video, there is a group of four black men who are beating and harassing a white. One of them is also yelling and taking Donald Trump name.

The interrogation is still going on with the four African-American men. This buzz maker video was captured by a young African-American woman who also posted it later on her account. Police answered the reporters saying that the four are in custody including the two males and two females.

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This video also left people all around the world speechless. Some other video related to the same incident also came into the light in which victim is being asked to drink water from toilet. Moreover, he also forced to abuse Donald Trump. The victim was also kicked and slapped. The victim has been hospitalized after this incident and he is now recovering.