President Barack Obama delivered an emotional speech on the occasion of his farewell to different military branches. He said that nothing can make him feel proud rather than offering service as the commander in Chief. He feels proud to be the chief of the greatest military of the world.

On this occasion, he also added that the greatest military in the world has also carved out a special place among the new age generations. Adding heart-touching words, he also said that Air force and Marine holds special in his heart and he will surely miss them from the bottom of the heart. He added more saying that standing in front of the people makes him feel proud.

He thanked to each of the military branch calling out its name. The last speech also became memorable as he also said that he can go along with the fear-free life just because of the people. He indicated all three branches of military saying Red, White and Blue. He learned a lot from them and it will remain close to his heart throughout the life.

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In addition to, he also said that he feels better and it was such a nice experience to work with them. He wishes that US and the armed force will always remain at the forefront for its strength and security. Obama’s speech was quite special as he also added that he wants all Americans to know the same that he knows about the force. He appreciates assiduous work strategy and efforts that the military will stay firmly at the forefront.