What a fantastic display of football skills we have seen so far in Euro 2016. It is indeed difficult to think about the finalist at the moment, because there are 4 teams with equal chances and 2 matches before the finale. UEFA Euro 2016 Semi Final predictions are as follows:

We think that Germany vs France is going to be a really tough semi final. Both European teams are charged up with lots of young talent. The first semifinal of course is more talked about as it has Bale vs CR7 written on top of it, but trust football – it is much much more!

Euro 2016 Semi Final Predictions: Portugal vs Wales

While, both Real Madrid stars are key players in this match, but the teams really have to be both offensive and defensive to win. It is ultimately the scorecard that will tell us, which team collectively edged out the other. Before we can take sides, we really want to see them perform. Portugal has not won any match in 90 minutes, but Wales defeated the most expensive team of the tournament, Belgium easily. This indicates, Wales and Welsh players are in better form than the Portuguese. Even though their important player Ramsey will be suspended for this game, Wales still stand a higher chance. So, for the first UEFA Euro 2016 semi final predictions we choose Wales over Portugal.

euro 2016 semi final predictions

Euro 2016 Semi Final Predictions: Germany vs France

Mario Gomez, Draxler and Müller all captained by Bastian Schweinsteiger did defeat Italy but that was a really close encounter. Are we really sure that Germany can defeat the Giroud, Payet and Griezmann trio? Did you see what they did to Iceland last night. Our bet is on France to win this on their home turf and compete with Wales in the finals.

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