The second day of the New Year brought the bad news of midair collision. In this incident, three people have died on the spot. This incident took place in Texas, the USA where two small planes collided. According to FAA, stands for The Federal Aviation Administration, this incident occurred after 17.30 adjacent to Aero Country Airport. The duo, father and son, are safe and shared their bad memories. They are grateful to God as they are safe and got minor injuries.

According to the witness, when the two small planes collided, one of them crashed and other went towards the storage facility.  When it was asked to other eyewitness, he said that they both were taking the turn at the same time and ended up with the sudden collision. They all heard a loud crash. They all got scared a lot but fortunately, all are safe.

One presented that one of the planes was coming straight and lose its control. It did not get time to take turn to another side. And the result came in the form of a loud bang.

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The spokesperson of FAA namely Lynn Lunsford told that the both small planes associate to Visual Flight Rules. And the both were not in the contact with ATC when they were about to collide. As per sources, the reason of collision can be not having an Air Traffic Control. The accurate reason is still not clear and the investigation is going on.