In the recent research by the scientists, it is claimed that a swarm of about 250 small earthquakes could hit residents of California. With reference to ‘Southern California Earthquake Data Centre’, the end of Brawley Fault Zone is prone to serious earthquake due to complexities of fault system at work.

Caltech Seismologist says to Times that there is always a concerning matter for bigger earthquakes. The strongest swarm of earthquake measured in an area was 3.9. Brawley was hit by this swarm which is 200 miles southeast of Los Angeles. A frequent eye is kept on Brawley fault zone that occur around the north end and move towards major region of San Andreas.

San Andreas Fault can be affected in the same manner as it did 200 years ago leading to great devastation. The Salton Sea earthquake which came towards southern California in the region of San Andreas is the sign of big one. Lucy Jones too tweeted about the swarming earthquake towards the Californian region and areas before bigger ones. Major small swarms of quake were felt in Salton Sea’s Bombay Beach. In the year 2009 the quake stretched for two days.

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On Monday, more than 200 swarms were reported which even ranged from 2.9 to 4.0 magnitudes. The U.S geographical survey says that even magnitude of 5.2 can hit California. In the midnight the trembling was strong enough to wake up people. Even shallow quake touched off series of small aftershocks which can take big face.