France vs Iceland scorecard ended badly for Icelanders, but they will go home with pride. We surely saw the latter come up in the scoresheet. That spark in the second half last night, as Iceland scored 2 goals after being crushed down to 4-0 by the hosts in the first half itself. France defeats Iceland, but in the football world, it is a victory for both sides.

Iceland, though defeated by a huge margin, will rise like a phoenix and bring us even better matches in the future. They may lack the numbers, footballers and statistics right now, but with time, things will change for Icelandic Football Association, its team and its players.

France defeats Iceland

France winning the Euro 2016 is a higher possibility now because the team is extremely confident and playing together. If you are not interested in learning about the loss, and are looking forward to immediate French special, you are in luck. The semi final draw is complete and we will see France competing with Germany, who won from Italy in the quarter final stage. So semi final of Euro Cup 2016 is going to be excellent and we are going to see 3 more great games. And from the words of Tyrion Lannister,”Great games are terrifying”.

france defeats iceland

Go prepare yourself for a brand new Euro Cup winner this time. See who can really paint Euro in their color here.

If you have any predictions for semis or Euro 2016 in general, let us know!