President Obama says that the country has got finest jurists whom he happened to nominate to Supreme Court and who are going to serve the country as a Chief Judge on D.C circuit with distinction. According to one of the posts, Obama singled him out at party of White House on Wednesday. It was also attended by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Brayer.

According to one of the newspaper reporting; although the fight to put garland on Supreme Court has been over some time before, yet Obama has never withdrawn from the nominations. Obama picked Merrick Garland to fill the seats on high court when Justice Antonin Scalia died on February and the seat was vacated.

Senate Republicans fought for the nominations of Garland and want to nominate by the new President elect. There will be 5 minutes window open between the end of 114th Congress out of session and the beginning of new 115th session. In these 5 minutes Obama would use his Presidential authority and put Garland on high court.

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The court ruled for the appointment of Garland as chief judge between intra-session and inter-session. When appointments are made during yearlong session it is called intra-session while inter-session refers to picks made at the end of the session. Some activists are urging Obama although it is full of risks. Although Obama has the power to enforce Garland to the court yet it would be unwise and prestige of the court will highly be damaged and hampered.