There is shocking news that a former contestant of the CBS TV show caught for holding child pornography. As per the reliable sources, he has been sentenced for a year. Michael Skupian took part in this TV show and entertained his fans.  His fans are also shocked after getting the news.

Michael Skupian also asked for mercy on Tuesday in Oakland Country Court but his appeal was discarded. He also stated that he did not download any photos on his laptop.  Court also criticized him for committing wrong things.

As per source, investigating team had also found child porn on his laptop while Skupian has denied it. According to the Court, he will be able to get parole after a year. During one year of sentence, he would not be allowed to come out. Apart from this, he has to register himself as a sex offender after getting out of jail.

Investigating also found two another computers belonging to Skupian and that have also been seized. The whole thing left many Skupians’ fan speechless and shocked. For them, it is quite tough to believe.

Needless to say that he was a favourite contestant on the CBS show and has been loved by many fans. Skupian’s fans are also restless after getting this news. He made appearance in two separated seasons. During this reality show, he was also considered as a motivational speaker. Actor is still saying that he is innocent.