An armed ambush of a motorist shot 25-year-old Jamil Farley outside the Labour of Love Apostolic Church. People were doggedly engaged to celebrate Christmas but it turned into a bad day since a shooting incident happened here. A family came here to be part of Christmas celebration unknowing that something bad will occur here.

The horrible shooting took place nearly two hours when Pastor Anthony Williams led the congregations’ Christmas service. This incident left the people speechless. William also stated that it is not the first shooting outside his church, since few years these kinds of incidents are happening.

He also added that he asked the victim’s mother to visit on Tuesday afternoon to discuss about funeral. On the other hand, Bolden said that it is pretty much hard to believe but he knows he is not around me. William said that it seems that shooting has become quite common around here. We all need to work over our anger to stop the occurrence of these incidents to happen in future. We all wish that we will not come across such kind of incident in the future.

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The violent neighbourhood has made tough to go ahead with peace and tranquillity of mind. Sharing more about this news, he added that it is a second fatal Christmas day shooting which made Christmas a day of sorrow. I hope I will forget this bad day soon. After this incident, the police officers are trying to increase their grab to stop these types of incident occurrence in future.