Twitter has always been a great tool for marketing of products and services for many brands. But sometimes, your words can put you in trouble. And the same thing happened with Cinnamon. The brand posted a photo having caption, “RIP Carrie fisher, you will always have the best buns in the Galaxy.”

It has been trolled on the social media by the Carrie’s fans. Later, the tweet was deleted by media. It also apologized for a tweet and felt sorry to hurt emotions. The baked goods company also added that it genuinely wish to pay tribute. There was no intension to hurt other’s emotions.

But since it has been done by mistake, we are sorry for it. We should not have post such comment. The tweet was deleted when many celebrities claimed that this post is showing that the company is engaged to target profit even while showing tribute to the famous actress.

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Carrie fisher was not only an actress but writer too. She holds a legion of fan following. She went popular after performing her character in Star Wars among her fans. She died at 60 after suffering from cardiac attack. Cinnbon’s tweet suddenly got a number of eyeballs. For some there was nothing wrong in tweet while for some the brand was targeting its profit. Some people also tweeted that it is about hair bun, not the bun you are thinking about. Well! The tweet has been deleted and we all wish Carrie fisher to Rest in Peace.