Though, it is a tad bizarre but true that a woman took part in a discussion aired on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson and received many threats. The discussion was going on over Ivanka Trump received a number of angry responses. Not only this, but she also threatened with rape. Saying would not be wrong that it shows that how politics has gotten ugly and does not follow any sorts of ethics.

The whole matter is it that she appeared on Friday as a participant on Carlson’s show where the discussion was going on where Trump’s daughter was verbally criticized while she was in flight. It seems required to mention that she was with her family.

Actually, Duca tweeted that Ivanka Trump’s role will be prominent inthe upcoming administration. Though, Duca was agreed with Carlson it was wrong for Ivanka Trump to come across on an airplane. Carlson was all set to ask questions about her tweets as well as all things that she mentioned on her twitter page.

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Over discussion on all tweets, they two indulged in a heated argument that made viewers to get stuck with their television sets. In between all this, Duca also added that hedo not wish her to let speak. Duca said after this interview that she was shocked yet proud too. She also mentioned that it was quite a bad experience for her. Adding into this, she also said that people want her to breakdown.