The Technomancer is your latest trip to the red planet, after the film The Martian. While you saw an astronaut’s survival and rescue ion the film, this SCI-FI game is a total adrenaline rush. Developed by Spiders it is one unique RPG game that you should play in 2016.

Launched on 28th June for PS4, Xbox and PC, we got our hands on The Technomancer and here is what you need to know. We will help you decide whether it is worth it or not.

Watch the trailer of the game here:

We hope that this magnificent trailer will set your mood for the amazing adventure, that this game is. Play starts and you are a rookie named Zach. You are tested, this way you learn and pave your way to become the best Technomancer that ever was. It has excellent control system and you will enjoy the tough combat with electrical weaponry.

3 Styles of Combat and Play in The Technomancer
the technomancer game review
Yes, you can choose from a staff, blade/gun, blade/shield mode. You will have weapons in each hand and you will go on an all out assault on enemies to help shape Mar’s destiny. Most attack use electrical powers that can be released as bolts of lightening and even catch your enemies secretly. It is efficiently used for laying traps too.

You will also be awarded for killing enemies and you can upgrade your weapons as you get more XP. The skill level and basic training will also prepare you and your style of play will improve as you proceed.

The wastelands await your arrival, get the game on Steam or any of your favorite console and get playing. Our verdict for The Technomancer is positive. Happy gaming!

Tell us your thoughts regarding the trailer of the game and also if you are buying it or not.