Game of Thrones Ends in 2018. As Weiss and Benioff announced last week that only 75 hours of content is left before A Song of Ice and Fire series turned into TV show will properly conclude the story. Even thought George R R Martin is falling behind and readers are annoyed, but the showrunners have committed and said they are hurtling towards to ending”. This leaves little doubt that the show will be here for more than Game of Thrones Season 8. Tough many want few spin-off series that can tell us more details, and keep up the political, feudal wars going, but that will perhaps be limited to the books only.

After Game of Thrones Season 7 & 8 can we see New Series based on Tales of the Dunk and Egg?

We also know that a prequel to GoT has already been written in the form of books, that shows a world thousand years before the show’s premiere. If we are lucky and HBO is in mood, we can really get a new series based on The Tales of the Dunk and Egg. Fingers crossed indeed.

Fans have all sorts of theories, questions and even rants when it comes to Game of Thrones. But as we have seen there is no set pattern being followed. For all we know that there are certain things that we all want to see before the show ends.

Game of Thrones

We want the Targaryen story to be explored a bit. We want to see the Tourney of Harrenhal. We want to learn about Tyrion’s birth and why Tywin hated him, besides his son being a dwarf. We want to know about the relationship of Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen too. But most importantly we want to know about Bran the Builder, is Bran Stark, some old dude, who set all these events. Can he manipulate the past? Or what is the secret between Wall’s magic and Night King’s powers. But there are certain things people know they will come to see. The 3 heads of the dragon. Who will sit on the Iron Throne? How will Cersei Lannister die? Who will Dany marry? Will Jorah survive greyscale?

Major Game of Thrones Things Fans should Know

We all are desperate to know. But here are some things that you should know:

The show will end before all the books come out.
The ending will be bittersweet, as revealed by GRRM himself.
Game of Thrones Season 8 will have many deaths and many truths revealed.
Many of the things that set off since Season 1 of Game of Thrones will start to make sense as the show ends.

Who are you rooting for? The Starks? The Targaryens or Do you want to see the whole world burn? Tell us in comments. The series is yet in the process of being written and shot, maybe some of your valuable insights can help all of us fans put things in perspective. But are we really certain about who lives till Season 8? There is a big Season 7 before that.

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