Game of Thrones Season 7 will bring us the rest of George R R Martin’s The Winds of Winter book plot and story. It will also touch on the final book called A Dream of Spring. Since, we know that GoT end has already been revealed to the show executive producers and creators, but here are a few things we already know that are going to happen in S07 of Game of Thrones.

Are you interested in knowing? Spoilers, storyline secrets and most importantly Death of POV Characters in the next season?

Game of Thrones Season 7 POV Character Storylines//Deaths

Tyrion Lannister – Hand of the Dragon Queen, is sailing back to his homeland Westeros. The fleet of Iron Island, Dornish and Tyrell ships are along with them and a huge army of Unsullied, Dothraki and other allied houses. We are going to see a lot of witty dialogues and politics from The Imp. Also, if sources are correct, Tyrion will be one of the dragon heads, in the war against Ice. Sure, Tyrion knows more about Fire and Blood than any other Knight or King or Queen in Westeros or King’s Landing. Remember how he destroyed Stannis’ fleet with wildfire?

Jon Snow – The King in the North, has just had the best season so far. He has been a bastard since the very first season of the show. But now with the North united and Bolton’s defeated, he has been named the King, who avenged the Red Wedding. The brutal battle scene, his Tower of Joy – parentage reveal makes him the best character to really ensure A Song of Ice and Fire essence stays intact. R + L = J has been confirmed. Bran Stark knows it. Now, coming to Jon Snow in Season 7, we think there will be a battle with Night King for sure and he will sure be contacted by raven’s from Dany. Somehow or the other the Targaryen lineage will connect and mount the dragon.

Bran Stark, Questions and Secrets – Is he Brandon, guy who started building the Wall, and is the ancestor of Ned Stark, founder of the House Stark. What else will he see in the past and future, and how it will affect the great games.

Cersei Lannister, The Self-Proclaimed Queen of the Andals and First Men, will die at the hands of Volunqar, here little brother. It can be either Jaime or Tyrion. All her golden-hair children are dead. Now we will see her die too. The question is how she will die. In Game of Thrones season 7, she will meet her death.

Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons – She is trying to go home, collect an army, break the wheel by ending slavery since Season 2. We have a lot of expectations from Dany. But the real problem is the ruthlessness that comes with a Targaryen ruler. We think Season 7 will be litmus test for Daenerys, which will tell us if she is fit to rule or sit on the Iron Throne or not. Also with victory comes loss, she might lose her drangos i.e. her children in the process. Also she will be counselled by one of the most well-read and famous minds in Westeros, Tyrion. We hope he can put some sense and ensure happy endings.

Sansa Stark, The Lady of Winterfell – One character who has grown and matured after dealing with so much torture. Sansa Stark, had a winter of her own to torture and that storm inside her head and heart, has made her wiser and a better player in the great game. We will see her with Petyr and Jon trying to keep Winterfell and Starks in the North safe. Also we are yet to know how will she learn about her brother Bran and all the things ahead.

Game of Thrones Season 7 rumours, confirmed details and locations

Belfast, Dubronvik and some Spanish islands are confirmed locations for Game of Thrones season 7 which is being shot right there now as you read this. Other rumours include death of Ser Gregor Clegane at the hands or Hound or Arya. Brienne playing a big role in helping Arya Stark make it to the North. Cersei trying to burn the city and being killed by her kin. Also, we are yet to see Samwell Tarly doing soemthing with the stolen Heartsbane. Thoros of Myr and Hound might kill some more men. Melisandre will appear again. Her aging reveal in Season 6 must have something much more going than we know of. The huge role of the Iron Born, Euron Greyjoy cannot be neglected though. He is builidng ove r a thousand ships, we might see a battle between Iron fleets and Dany’S Armada, before anyone even thinks of the Iron Throne in Season 7.

Game of Thrones Season 7 White Walkers vs Dragons

game of thrones season 7

If the title of the series A Song of Ice and Fire is hinting us at one war that’s going to close the story, it will be White Walkers vs Dragons. The dragosn and Night King both have magic in them, which men cannot decipher. We will see Game of Thrones season 7 show us all these hidden stories.