Do you love playing different games on your smartphone?

What if we tell you that international researcher and scientists from all over the world (Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Germany, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of Georgia in the US) are working on a special smartphone software, that you can control with your naked eyes.

Yes, you can be like Iron Man with a smartphone. Remember how Tony Stark, operated his gizmos and flew over the city, you can play games and do much more withing the battlefield of your HD screen, with superb graphics. Yes, using hand, pressing buttons or dragging your thumb and fingers on the phone will be history now,

To control a mobile and to eb able to play games with your eyes requires a lot of special software. It must track your eye movement and simultaneously gauge what exactly you are trying to accomplish on the screen. This will depend on the kind of gameplay and eye movements will depend on the game you are playing.

Eye tracking requires real time functioning and one of the Indian researchers said, their software is still in nascent stages and they will improve it on the basis of experiments and new learning.

Gaming with your Eyes Only

The testing app for this software is called GazeCapture, and all the eye movements are being tracked and changes are reflected on the screen. Right now you can move two dots according to your eyes, but if this can be made faster, more economical, it can be used all over the world by gamers and can have even more consumer side as well as medical benefits.

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