Just a week before it is actually going to happen, UEFA Euro 2016 Finals, will give us a new European champions who will paint Europe in their own color. While first timers like Wales have reached the Semis and Portugal who have struggle to win since they were defeated by Greece in 2004.

We have a lot of expectations from Cristiano Ronaldo and his magical skills. Wales striker, Gareth Bale, another Real Madrid star is also on the roll. The most motivated team eliminated the most expensive team, Belgium in the Quarter finals. Our prediction is that the winner of this first semi final Wales vs Portugal will also win the finals and lift the trophy.

Yesterday, Germany vs Italy, it was a little boring first half but a nail biting second half. Both teams were levelled at the end of 90 minutes and had to play extra time as well as penalties. It was basically Neuer v/s Buffon and both top-rated world class goalkeepers displayed that they are class apart. But Germany had luck on their side and they defeated underdogs Italy and ended their European dreams. Old defeats at the hands of Italians were also avenged, be it last World Cup or Euro. Germany had an upper hand and will face either Iceland or France. The home team of France is favorite on the soil, but it really needs to score and tame the speedsters of Iceland. They can really stun big teams like they have done with England.

Euro 2016 winner

Any favorite players? or are you rooting for any coaches? You are free to voice your opinions in the discussion below. But we have our predictions for Euro 2016 Winner right here:
One last quarter-final to go but our money is on the winner of first semi-final. Wales or Portugal will be UEFA Euro 2016 winner. What do you think?

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