Officially, Donald Trump will become the president of USA in the coming month. He gained about 270 votes from about 538 electors who have given their votes in the ceremonial voting which has gained attention amongst the forceful social as well as media pressure along with multiple protests going on in the state capitols.

There were many push and protests by the Libertarian and progressive groups, however no rebel was experienced. It has been found that a lot of faithless electors turned out to be the defectors of Hillary Clinton in the Washington. It has been figured out that the meetings that were hosted for many times in one month were nothing but formality. In the present year, the critics of Trump made vocal campaign which impressed the electors of Republican for the votes.

However, the final outcome of the elections will be disclosed in front of Congress on 6th January 2017; however the state results will be released in the current week itself. The electors of the election have got lots of phone calls and emails against Trump saying that he is the man with no right qualifications, and with no government or military experience for the nation. In addition to this, he has been associated with many conflicts because of his huge business.

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When CIA and FBI had confirmed that the government of Russia hacked the election campaign, it meant that they tried to make Trump the president of US.