france vs iceland shocker
France vs Iceland – Who are you supporting tonight in the UEFA Euro 2016 Quarter Finals? The question is running on every football fan’s mind.

Many hearts will be broken especially the French hearts, if Iceland can redo what it did to England.

Small teams have often shined in Europe and with UEFA championships the trophies are always lifted by who performs best on the judgement day. While France has been consistent and favorites too, because of the home turn – team gets a lot of support. But Iceland is playing the beautiful game in a more integrated and result oriented manner.

The way they have cruised to the quarter finals is absolutely a delight. Iceland team squeezed a win from England, a nation where football is almost a religion. The entire football federation was stunned at their victory. Still, arguably this Euro Cup will be memorable for England, because of the Brexit and being ousted by a small team, who has not been around for long.

France vs Iceland Live Now

France vs Iceland match schedule and live scores will actually be telling the story in a few hours. Though statistics and home support highly favors a French victory, but the Icelanders are living the Euro dream and even though their supporters are less, but their hearts and talent can outmatch the French players easily.

Who do you see scoring first? France vs Iceland is going to be memorable indeed. Also, there will be many Scottish supporters supporting the Iceland team and vice versa, England supporters will root for France to knock out and crush the Icelanders. We all know, revenge is a dish best serve cold, don’t we.

What are your France v/s Iceland pre kick-of predictions, score and will it go to extra time or penalties?

Tell us in comments. Go for it Iceland and France.