While Google seems like a company that can have it all, but in many places like the European Union and India, it is facing a lot of flak. First, it was the case of Android in EU, where the core committee pressed charges after years of research.

Now India is not allowing the search giant, to map its roads and streets with an extended version of the street view. Why are n’t you surprised? Because such things like Google street view v/s India are not one the major problem this country is facing.

India is already trying to pass the Geospatial bill that will address this problem at a larger level and Google has to wait until it does so. India as far as the passing of a bill is concerned, lacks what needs to expedite this process.

Also, the disputed borders of India can lead to a penalty and seven years of imprisonment if depicted or printed wrongly on a map. Such strict rules and regulations are the reason India denied Google and its plan for Street View Expansion.

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