Facebook Q1 results have been exactly opposite to Google’s Alphabet. While the social giant has increased its profits and proved every analyst wrong, Alphabet has been behind the race. But is Mark Zuckerberg in control of his company, that he started in his dorm at Harvard? With obligations, investors and board members, it gets difficult for a CEO to please everyone, but the 9.1% stock increase is surely a great sign.

We all know Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. The Facebook CEO is bringing in more and more profits and making its investors and shareholders happy even after 12 years of its inception.

Indeed, everyone is happy as all their investments have paid off. The no-nonsense management style and open-culture that Zuck promotes is applauded both within and outside the company. when it comes to achieving his goals

How Mark Zuckerberg remains in Control?
facebook ceo q1 surge
The new share class scheme is being devised to help Zuck remain in control. The Class C shares are important and can be considered a new beginning for Facebook Inc. These non-voting shares will help Zuck secure his current position as CEO thereby all his interests vested in the company he started.

Facebook has Instagram and WhatsApp already under its belt and Messenger is going strong with 900 Milion users every month, Facebook is still the most favorite place for users around the globe.

The total average time a user spends on Facebook is 50 minutes, which is darn amazing. Zuckerberg, who is also handling initiatives like and trying to get Virtual Reality to its current practical state with Oculus Rift, has great things planned for us. Trying to remain in control is Mark, consciously trying to make sure his efforts and his vision bear results and don’t go futile.

Facebook is also taking on YouTube in 2016 with Facebook Live Videos. It is one step crazy as taking on YouTube is a really huge challenge, but Zuck is not afraid to push the envelope and celeb FB live videos have garnered a lot of positive response worldwide. Another important division that Mark started and is focusing on is AI. AI is the future and Facebook has opened global AI research centers to promote it as well.