With the release of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare imminent, it seems that Activision has given up on the game as a whole. The trailer for that game had garnered 3.5 million dislikes since its release and with news coming that it will need 130 GB of storage space, it couldn’t get anymore negative PR. Even the prospect of getting the re-mastered Modern Warfare series along with it is no saving grace. However, it could all have been very different for the fans of this franchise.

call of duty 7

Initially, the next Call of Duty game was going to be made by Sledgehammer Games (of Dead Space fame) and it was something to look forward to. Call of Duty 7: Fog of War; as it was being called, was set to be a 3rd person military shooter set in Vietnam. The step back in time would have come as a major departure from the futuristic setting in the current games.

Also, the fact that it was to be a 3rd person shooter comes as a major surprise.  The series is essentially a first person shooter game so it was a ballsy choice.

As per developers, the game was going to be a crossover between Call of Duty and the Uncharted series. The fact that it was set in Vietnam provided it with a horrific as well as beautiful setting. The developers could’ve done a lot with this setting as it  allowed for an open world setting as well. The level of detailing that was done in the Uncharted games had further added to the anticipation.

The 15 minute demo that was teased took 6 months to build. From the looks of it, it was time well spent. It had all the Call of Duty essentials, namely a great opening, amazing moments and a compelling gameplay. The game is going to be terrific if the demo is anything to go by.

The developers eventually gave us the Advanced Warfare game and it got a mixed bag of reactions. However, it could all have gone very differently had things gone on as per the initial plans.

So, with all the hate that Infinite Warfare is getting, it looks like a bad move on Activision’s part to cancel it. The fact that rivals EA are gearing for a mega hit in Battlefield 1, set during World War 1, is basically insult to injury. So what are your thoughts on this cancelled game? Let us know in the comments section below.