Last week, the latest collaboration between Marvel and Netflix was released. After the critical acclaim garnered by Jessica Jones and Daredevil, it was expected that the next Netflix project was going to be on Luke Cage, a character teased in Jessica Jones. luke cage

Expectations were pretty high from Luke Cage as many had touted it as the most original work ever done by Marvel. So, did Netflix deliver on these expectations? Let us find out.



The acting in this show is terrific. Mike Colter, Simone Missick and Rosario Dawson as the main protagonists knock the ball out of the park in terms of acting. These people were simply terrific in their roles. The only people who are on par with them are the show’s baddies. Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth owns every second of screen time he is in. Theo Rossi as his sidekick Shades and Alfre Woodard as his sister are equally if not more compelling. The supporting cast is equally awesome.


The story taken for the show is quite a great choice. Once the show starts, it is one hell of a roller coaster ride. At around the halfway mark, the show takes the turn for the unexpected. Fromm there on, it becomes completely unpredictable as well thoroughly engaging. The show has one heck of a story


One thing that Netflix does so well is make the characters relatable as well as the focus of the show. We had seen this with Daredevil and Jessica Jones and Luke Cage is no different. What made the show so great was that the directors chose to focus more on his emotional turmoil as well as make him more relatable rather than focusing on his superpowers.


The show is suitably over the top. The fact that it acknowledges its roots set in the 80s as well as the over the top culture prevalent during those times makes it super endearing. It pays homage to that time and the over the top quality of the show adds to its charm.


It is perfectly adapted from its source material considering the fact that it was introduced in the 80s. All the 80s elements as well as the comic book material is superbly adapted. You can see those undertones and shades running throughout the show.


The show has a deep and subtle underlying message. It has the recurring theme of racial discrimination and why it needs to be done away with. It also has a heartfelt request to today’s youth to stay away from crime and try and lead a decent and honest life.


The show has some great music. The jazz played throughout the show is enthralling as well as fist pumping. It is very rare that the background score compliments the on going scenes so well. Luke Cage is one of those rare times.



The show becomes too overbearing at times. The need to explain everything leaves a person frustrated at times. It would have been better with a lesser amount of exposition.


Towards the end, a new character is introduced and he goes toe to toe with Luke Cage. That was an unexpected as well as unwanted turn of events. It would have been better if a human villain would have been continued or introduced. The fact that he has a super suit further alienates him and makes us go like – bleh!


The dialogues are cheesy and corny as hell. The are fun till a point of time and the fact that the characters acknowledge this is quite hilarious as well. However, after a point of time, they become intolerable. You really begin to hope that they just get done with it as soon as possible.


The story is quite good however, the narrative is not. The flashbacks had been used quite effectively in Jessica Jones and Daredevil, however, in Luke Cage, a linear narrative would have suited it much better. The narrative becomes jumbled as well as boring at times. This takes away from the engagement of the story and you start wishing that they would cut back to it as soon as possible.


All in all, Netflix absolutely kills it with Luke Cage and once again shows its capabilities. The show is terrific with some minor flaws but it is a worthwhile watch. Luke Cage gets a 8.5 from me. It is a terrific show and now we are all eagerly anticipating Iron Fist, the next Marvel Netflix collaboration.

So what are your thoughts on Luke Cage? Do let us know in the comments section below!