You all have been reading so much about the iOS 10 features which were walked through for you only with the possibilities of the features’ existence. After its release, we finally got a chance for looking in depth into it and here we have a list of new features of the updated version of iOS 10 which was released on September 22ndios10

So before you ask yourself, why you should update to iOS 10 from your older version of iOS, we give you plethora of reasons. Mainly for an upgraded style of software and entirely updated technology implemented in almost every app you use in daily life. The update was mainly focused on establishing overhauls on key areas such as Messages, Apple Music, the Keyboard, Maps, etc.

Let us walk you through all new and completely exciting features.

  • Messages and Emojis: We all know messaging is now an easy way of communication between people. Expressing what you exactly feel is easily conveyed through emojis as well. It is fun too. In iOS 10, the Messages app has completely undergone a massive upgrade such as providing access to new emojis, stickers and invisible ink option for secret communication (we all love secrecy!). The size of the emojis has got an upgrade too, thrice the size than the time before they were. The app even predicts emojis. There are changes in some emojis too. Remember the metallic gun icon? Now it is changed to a plastic squirt gun. New gender emojis like female athletes, family options and also a rainbow flag.
  • Lock Screen and Raise to wake: Who doesn’t want an effective lock screen from where you can handle almost all the notifications? Feel-good wallpaper? After all, that is the first thing we all notice about a smartphone. The new iOS 10 lock screen gives you the exact feel and the feature. Yes, it has a look-through semi wallpaper lock screen which is so nicer than iOS 9. Remember how you used to press the home button on iOS 9 and the notifications disappear? But with iOS 10, that is not the case. The new raise to wake option gives you an option of widget display if you slide your lock screen to left and on the right you can access the camera. You can also make use of 3D Touch to reply and view the notifications from the lock screen. Cool, right?
  • Organ Donation Sign Up: With the new iOS 10 Health app, all the iPhone users get a chance to sign up for organ donation from the iPhone itself, which sends the necessary information directly to the National Donate Life Registry. Encourages you to be an organ donor too.
  • Control Center upgrades: Now the control center has been tweaked to get a new look, more specific for specific pages and more home automation controls.
  • Siri Upgrades: In the iOS 10 upgrades, Siri can now do a lot better stuff now that Apple has finally opened access to third parties. You can order a ride, start a workout, prepare a schedule, send messages, deliver photo searches and probably in the next update Apple will do something with Spotify like how Siri works with Apple Music.
  • Keyboard Upgrades: Siri’s Artificial intelligence has brought in a new level of sharing in the keyboard. The auto-correct has just got better (I hear you!), sharing contacts on just a tap on the number, the location too and make a calendar appointment on a specific date and location. No, I didn’t stop yet. The other cool feature is the multilingual keyboard support where switching between languages is easy now.
  • Read Receipts customization: To get rid off that annoying texter and escape from them, you can now turn off the read receipts for a particular contact. Yay. Amazing feature which many of us are in desperate need of.
  • Photo Upgrades: The iOS 10 Photos app provides you amazing facial and scene recognition which helps you in searching a person for a specific location. Search with the tags like puppy, kitten or table the app will result in the pictures which you have taken by matching with the searching objects. The Memories tab is new to collect your important moments in the form of photos and videos that you take on a trip which you can montage with special effects and music.
  • Delete stock apps: Freedom from the stock apps that were occupying an amount of space, which was stalling you from installing the app that you wanted bad. You can long press on the stock app till the X mark appears and uninstall it. If you want it back, find it in the Apple store.
  • Maps upgrade: Now the iOS 10 update gives better search in the Maps, search improved from a visual standpoint and better route search results.
  • Apple Music upgrade: The redesigned look makes you want to listen to music almost all the time with the subscribed music. Like a song? Now finding it is very easy with a simpler look of streaming too. Pull up the track to which you need lyrics and there you go! Who needs separate Google search?

Apart from these notable features, there are many others like a parking assistant which helps you find a parking place and also retrieves the same, a separate Wake Up Alarm to keep track of your sleep and cycle, WiFi upgrade which shows you secured connections, drawing on the Photos, optimized storage, color blindness settings with color filters, the split view of tabs in Safari Browser.