Just after much anticipated release, the iPhone 7 has caught itself up in the midst of what may even be a huge manufacturing defect. Yes, a couple of incidents have popped up where the phone’s battery has found to be involved. Luckily, it wasn’t followed by the news of users being harmed. iphone 7

Is the explosion news as serious as that of the Galaxy Note 7? Has there been any official release from Apple Inc.yet? Let’s find out answers to these questions and more in this article.

The Mysterious Case of Explosion

The news began to stir up when a Reddit user uploaded an image of an iPhone7 that seemed to have blown up. Further investigations revealed that the explosion happened when the device was en route. iphone 7 explosion

Apple iphone 7

As one can observe from the images, there are clear signs of spark/fire which has damaged the phone as well as its packaging.

What Could have Caused the Damage?

As we already know that the device exploded while it was being transported, there are many reasons that could lead to the explosion.  As per popular internet opinion, the explosion might be due to mishandling that resulted in the puncture of the battery, thereby causing the damage.

Battery Issue?

A more recent incident being reported is where the battery of the iPhone inflated to abnormal levels. This inflation caused the phone to open up and dislocated the display. However, no case of fire or any such damage was reported.iphone-7-plus-battery-explosion-1 iphone-7-plus-battery-explosion-2

Like the former case, the issue did not rise while the phone was in use or being put to use at any time.

As of now, there are a handful of cases being reported, to which Apple has responsibly responded. Both the defective phones have been shipped back to the company which will definitely inspect on the reasons that could have caused the damage.

Fortunately, the news is not comparable to the huge debacle with the Galaxy Note 7, where the phone got banned by a lot of authorities and Samsung is in dire need of a miracle.

Even after the launches of the predecessors, we had witnessed a few issues pertaining to the battery of the phone. Each of it was properly detailed and addressed.

The news, however, has made users compare iPhone 7 to Note 7 fiasco, and we are finding comments like these on Reddit. Reddit iPhone 7

What is your take? Is the phone safe? Do we need to ship batteries separately? Do tell us!!