September is gone and both Konami and EA have released their flagship soccer simulation games. This year the clash between PES and FIFA was going to be epic. EA had decided to bring out its biggest gun – the Frostbite engine. PES on the other hand had decided to revamp its gameplay mechanics. It was a battle royale.pes 17 vs fifa 17 detailed comparison

So who won it this year? let us all take a look –


Konami had completely revolutionised the soccer simulation games with PES 16. It did even better with PES 17. The new mechanics and the first touch control is simply awesome. Now each player moves in their distinctive style just like in real life.

FIFA on the other hand is behind PES in this aspect. Only the top players have their distinctive playing style. Rest of the players get the same robotic treatment.

So PES wins this round


FIFA simply obliterates PES in this department. No engine right now comes close to the Frostbite engine being utilised by EA these days. Konami is no exception to this. FIFA looks twice as good as PES. This round is won by FIFA


Konami has carried on with the good work it started in PES 16. PES 17 has an extremely fluid gameplay and the passing is slicker and swifter. The goal keeping aspect of the game has been vastly improved as well.

FIFA 17 on the other hand has the same gameplay as that of FIFA 16 and this is a major let down. Not is only is it jaded but it is quite disappointing as well. With the arrival of Frostbite, it was expected to improve. Unfortunately for us, it is still the same.

The winner of this round is PES 17


FIFA owns this aspect of the game. Nothing from PES was ever close to what FIFA had to offer. Now, with the addition of the story mode, The Journey, it has only increased the distance separating the game modes of FIFA and PES.

This round goes to FIFA.


SO here is the thing, if you are a purist and you play the game for its technicalities, PES 17 is the obvious winner. However, if you look at a game for all out entertainment, FIFA 17 is the game for you. There is no clear cut winner here. Both games have excelled in what they set out to do. However, if you ask me which one I would pick for myself, the answer is FIFA 17. It has a better overall feel to it for me.

So what are your thoughts on these games? Let us know in the comments section below.