Recalll of Samsung Note 7 was the issue taken up by U.S. regulators on last Thursday. This was so because of having a risk of fire.

samsung note 7So, to prevent or to take a step up as precaution Samsung has called up devices after few dozens of phone exploded or caught fire. This was of all about 2.5 million pones which were sold.

Now, if the Samsung company don’t take a step then this can drew them down from a peak to the ground. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has taken a step in a formal recall. The amazing gossip is that its chairman, Elliot Kaye run out of anger on Samsung for trying to do a recall on its own, saying that anyone who believes that to be adequate “needs to have more than their phone checked”.

Samsung has promised the replacement of the devices. But this was put on hold while regulators reviewed the situation. Kaye said that only refunds will be offered not the replacement devices. But only if they choose to do so. Note 7 owners will be proving number from the back of the phone to determine whether that unit is at risk or not.

According to Kaye one million devices are affected.

Recall from Health Canada:

Samsung Canada and Health Canada issue a product recall earlier this week. This was done because they recieved a report of overheating of the device. No injuries were mentioned in the reports. It just stated that approx 22,000 of the recalled phones were sold in Canada.

So, customers who were sold Note 7 between the period of Aug .19 and Sep. 1 can apply for getting either a new of Note 7 or any other Samsung smart phones- the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. Refunding back options are not available in Canada.

Canadians can apply to this replace by filling the forms or by contacting on a phone line 1-800-517-3507.

The recall has come at crucial time for Samsung as the Apple has recently set its new launch. The Note 7 is among the best phones of Samsung whose demand was so high.

U.S. aviation safety officials have also taken up the best step to warn the passengers to not to switch on their phones or charge their phones during flights.