Google Wazes recently has launched a new technology that will give you easy GPS Signals in Tunnels. This is the new popular navigation mobile app which is developed to stay connected with a GPS signal inside Tunnel.WAZE

The phrase “Tunnel Vision” is on new twist as the popular navigation app Waze has put on it. It is giving benefit to many people. But as far as drivers are concerned who are more into digital maps are getting more benefit out of it. These drivers used to lose signals in tunnels and get disturbed because of being out of way. So, this app will definitely be solving this issue by giving appropriate signals in the tunnels.

The planning of Waze seems to be so outstanding as it will be keeping drivers connected in those GPS- less signal areas by giving them usage with low cost  and battery powered beacons. These signals will be transmitting to smartphones and tablets in tunnels that the company has its database, covering about 75,000 miles around the world which is equal to 12,000 kilometers. The beacons can maintain the signal as long as the drivers turn on their Bluetooth signal.

The turning on of Beacons will be on Wednesday in two tunnels of Pittsburgh. Fort Pitt and Liberty, an one more other in Israel where Waze was found before Google bought it in the  year 2013 for $969 million.

The next target of Waze is to persuade all tunnel operators, mostly the government agencies, so that  they can buy and install the beacons that it had already designed to address the problem. The costing required for each mile which is equal to 1.6 kilometers is $1200 for 42 beacons. Each beacon is under the guarantee of four years.

The Waze is travelling so far to achieve the target. It is already being drawn up to install Waze beacons in Tunnels in Rio de Janeiro and Paris. Waze is just moving on and on, it just want to cover or blanket all tunnels with beacons. Waze won’t realize how long it will be travelling.

The best thing:

The best thing includes that it is not encrypting with the Google’s and Apple’s maps but it allows to connect them through beacon when the Bluetooth signal is on for the driver.

So, what else do we want is nothing just the perfect route with all signals on.  This is how we can travel as long as we can without loosing the route map anywhere.