The 2016 Ford Mustang went on sale approximately the same time this year. Over the past 1 year, the Ford Mustang has written stories of success in many parts of the world. But sadly, in Europe, the beastly car has not found a string footing to help it through.Mixed last one year for Ford MustangAccording to the reports in hand, Ford Mustang has sold over 9,230 units in whole of Europe; the car finds itself in a losing position. The Mustang is behind Audi TT and Porsche 911, who have sold approximately 12,475 and 9,535 respectively. There is no doubt of the fact that, Mustang could easily come up to the second spot with a good couple of months or so. The point to be considered here is in spite of being cheaper than Porsche 911, why is the car still lagging behind in the race.

In fact, the price of Ford Mustang is fairly similar to that of Audi TT at approximately about €45,000, which again raises the question. Why are not the sale units of Ford Mustang ahead of these two? Many individuals have various thoughts about it and believe me or not, they are pretty interesting. Well, it can certainly be said that Price is not the only factor that motivates people about buying a sports car in Europe.

On the other hand, the numbers are pretty good globally. Ford Mustang has sold more than 27,000 globally in more than ten solid markets. In fact, the car has found a solid footing in countries like India and China, where it is priced nearly at €89,600. Some market experts believe that Ford had underestimated the potential of the market in Australia, where the car has done exceptionally good business.

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The scenario has not been the same for many other sports cars launched over the past one year. Jaguar F Type had sold only 1440 units approximately, while BMW 6 Series had garnered nearly 1360 units till July. There is no doubt of the fact that Ford Mustang will be called the top seller globally, but it has not been able to capture the all the markets entirely.