Earlier this year, Rockstar Games had announced that it would be taking a break of a year. Many had thought that it was a publicity gimmick to divert attention from the heist bug in GTA V. However, with the arrival of the third quarter of the year and the second quarter of the fiscal year, it is clear that Rockstar wasn’t joking about.

rockstarWith no release in this quarter, fans of the videogame making giant were left disappointed. Rockstar Games had earlier said in its press release that it was on a break till April 2017. Many people within the industry have confirmed that the company is not going to reconsider its decision. This would mean that this would be the first time in its history that Rockstar has not released a single game in a fiscal year.

As per reports, the glitches in GTA V had severely affected the developing team. As a result, they had decided to give them a year to fix them as well as regroup. With reports claiming that GTA VI is soon going to under development, it does seem like a wise move.

This move however means that Rockstar won’t be earning the crazy money it used to earn. Also, with sales going down, it is going to further affect its coffers.

Another possible reason for tis break that is being suggested is that Rockstar needs time. It is already embroiled in two lengthy lawsuits. As a result of these, production values as well as the creative teams are getting severely affected.

Whatever may be the reason, it does come as bitter blow for its fans. They had been hoping that it was all a bluff and a marketing ploy. However, it was all in vain. With that being said, it will be fun to see Rockstar back in full force. Come soon April 2017

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  1. Silly article. Rockstar Games is not just 1 developer. There are many Rockstar Games. Rockstar North, Rockstar London, Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar Lincoln, all in Britain. Then you have Rockstar Toronto in Canada, Rockstar San Diego in America, and Rockstar India, in, India. Each Rockstar division is responsible for making different franchises. (Apart from Rockstar India, they make art work for Rockstar) Rockstar North in Britain make the GTA games. The cycle has always been, make a GTA game, finish it, 2 weeks holiday, then straight back to work on the next GTA game. GTA6 would inevitably started development quite some time ago. No way on this earth have they not started it yet, simply no way. The reason is if they haven’t started it it won’t be out until the year 2021. No way will they leave it 8yrs before we get a new GTA game. The next one should be out by the end of 2018. But if they are going to be joining several GTA worlds together, then you’re looking at a 2020 release date. But i bet everything i own that Rockstar North started work on GTA6 back in late 2013 to 2014. They always create the world first. They don’t need an entire Rockstar North workforce of 300+ people pushing out Online DLC and bug fixing. I bet many of that 300 workforce have been building GTA6’s world.